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EMH&T is committed to protecting your privacy and providing you with a safe experience when interacting with our website.

We collect a variety of information to provide you with the best possible experience. Some information is willfully provided by you through email and forms, for example. Other information is provided to us through Google Analytics (please see to learn how Google uses this information). Google Analytics uses cookies to help us analyze volume of users visiting the site and website activity related to pages visited, length of time on a page, and related data. EMH&T utilizes these statistics to improve the information we provide. Google provides anonymous information about visitors to our website.

Third-Party Applications

EMH&T occasionally includes links to external websites or content for a number of different reasons. Each of these sites have independent privacy policies that do not pertain to EMH&T. Please be sure to familiarize oneself with these privacy policies as they are not directly related to EMH&T. EMH&T shares no liability with any external website or content thereof. Links EMH&T provides within this site in no way reflect the policies or beliefs of EMH&T or its officers, directors, or employees. EMH&T is not responsible for and does not endorse any information, products or services found on any of these third-party sites. It is best to familiarize oneself with the privacy policy of each third-party website.


Any cookies incidentally existing on the EMH&T site are only Strictly Necessary cookies required for our websites to operate properly and securely and to store your cookie preferences. These cookies are not used to store personal information about you. Performance cookies may exist to support Google Analytics used to track how you use our websites, including the pages you visit, how many times you’ve visited our site, the links you click, your search activity (including search keywords), referring source (the name or URL of the website that sent you to our website), the anonymized IP address of your web browsing device, and other related analytics data. Performance cookies are never used to collect or store personal information.

Our websites contain embedded third-party content, such as YouTube videos. These third parties may utilize their own cookies in order to track your activity and/or store other information about you as applicable to this embedded content. For more information, please refer to the privacy policy associated with the provider of the embedded content.

California Residents

California residents visiting the EMH&T website should visit this California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)-specific privacy policy.


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Changes to this Policy

This privacy policy is currently effective and changes in this privacy policy will be effective when notice of such change is posted. We reserve the right to modify or supplement this privacy policy at any time. Please check this privacy policy periodically to inform yourself of any changes. Your continued use of the Site after changes to this privacy policy are posted will be considered acceptance of these changes.

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The effective date of this Privacy Policy is July 1, 2023.

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