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The last in our series of EMH&T projects in recognition of Engineer’s week examines our work on the Green Infrastructure (GI) parking lot designed for Easton Gateway at the Easton mixed-use development. When the Easton Town Center mixed-use development opened in the late 1990’s, it represented a completely new concept in the retail world. Not just a mall or just an open plaza, Easton was a hybrid of both designs and represented a new approach to combining the best of retail, office, and residential all within a single “lifestyle” destination

As we continue to celebrate Engineer’s Week, today we look at EMH&T’s Harrison Hub Fractionation Facility project in Harrison County, Ohio. By any standard this facility is big. The plant is 1.2 miles long and a half-mile wide and processes 90,000 barrels of natural gas liquids each day. At 594 acres and incorporating a rail yard with 10 miles of track, it is the first fully integrated gathering, processing, and fractionation facility in operation in Ohio and is the biggest midstream service complex in the state.

As we continue to celebrate Engineer’s Week, today’s EMH&T “big dream” project ensured that the Columbus Clippers, the city’s Triple-A minor league ball club, were able to welcome fans to their new downtown stadium as scheduled.

Welcome to National Engineer’s Week! This event is celebrated annually for a full week each February. Founded in 1951 by the National Society of Professional Engineers, National Engineers Week is dedicated to ensuring a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce by increasing understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers.

A new set of pioneers, those of the “urban” variety, will soon be headed back into the area that was the genesis of modern-day Columbus – Franklinton. The Scioto Peninsula/Franklinton area, which was the location of the area’s first settlement, continues its metamorphosis into the next great urban neighborhood. Within the next few years, this area will be the location of the National Veterans Memorial & Museum, a new parking garage and park at COSI, and multiple mixed-use projects from some of the city’s top-notch developers. This area, once known as “The Bottoms,” is on the brink of rising to the top!

EMH&T is pleased to announce that Mike Krokonko of the firm’s Environmental Division was recently prequalified by the Ohio Department of Transportation in Noise Analysis and Abatement Design. Mike has nearly 15 years of experience managing traffic noise analyses for both Type I and Type II noise barrier projects. This includes projects involving both new highway construction and/or the implementation of highway capacity improvements.

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