Wastewater Collection

When you combine using what you have (rehabilitation) with effectively funding what you don’t have (implementation), the results speak for themselves.

SYSTEM Characterization and assessment
  • Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Surveys (SSES)
  • Closed Circuit Television Inspection, Sewer Cleaning, Manhole Inspection, Smoke Testing, Dye Testing
  • Capacity Assurance Field Services
  • Flow Monitoring, Rain Gauging

Operation and Maintenance
  • Record Plan Scanning and Data Management
  • Work Order Tracking
  • Operation and Maintenance Program Review
  • Capacity, Management, Operation, and
  • Maintenance (CMOM) Compliance 
  • GASB 34 Requirements

System Analysis, Regulatory andPlanning
  • Capacity Assurance Planning
  • Hydraulic Modeling
  • Combined and Sanitary Sewer Management
  • Long Term Control Plan and Implementation Optimization
  • Data Management (including GIS and
  • InfoNet Platforms)
  • Flow Isolation and I/I Analysis

Detailed Design Services
  • Preparation of Construction Drawings,
  • Specifications and Bid Documents for Renewal and Rehabilitation Projects
  • Sewer Collection System
  • – Pump Stations, regulator, Centralized Sanitary Sewer, Package WWTP and Rehabilitation, Combined Sewer Separation and Inflow Redirection
  • Collection System Rehabilitation and – Renewal
  • Trenchless and Open Cut Technologies
  • Construction Technology, Value Engineering
  • and Constructability Reviews
  • Regulatory Agency Review and Permitting
  • Preparation of Project Cost Estimates
  • Consultation During Construction
  • Shop Drawing Review
  • Resident Project Representation
  • Contract Management

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