Landscape Architecture

Whitehall Community Park - Whitehall, OH

Owen's Place - Beavercreek, OH

Uptown Westerville, OH

Campus Gateway Design - Bowling Green State University

Lenny Boy - Charlotte, NC

Childhood League Center - Columbus, OH

Watauga Medical Center - Boone County, NC

Cooper Stadium Park Master Plan & Storm Water Improvements - Columbus, OH

Street Hockey Program Design - Whitehall, OH

Wyman Woods Park - Grandview Heights, OH

Battelle Darby Nature Center - Franklin County Metro Parks

Kokosing River Restoration Interpretive Graphics - Mount Vernon, OH

Founders Park - Marion, OH

The Point Community Gateway - Delaware, OH

Northeast Gateway Enhancements - Worthington, OH

Roundabout - Richland County, OH

Bigham Ridge Single Family Development - Westerville, OH

South Fork Single Family Development - Heath, OH

Liberty Grand Mixed-Use Development - Liberty Township, OH

The Grove Single Family Development - Genoa Township, OH

The Enclave - Northwood, OH

Old Town Center - Monclova Township, OH

Blueprint Columbus - Columbus, OH

River South - Columbus, OH

Etna Road Improvements - Whitehall, OH

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