Land Survey

Using Windows Mobile data collectors, conventional, servo and robotic instruments, geodetic GPS receivers (including real-time Kinematic surveying), our crews are equipped with the knowledge and the tools for every kind of horizontal and vertical land survey need. 


  • Windows Mobile-based Data Collectors
  • Advanced Trimble Robotic Total Stations
  • Trimble GPS—GNSS Receivers
  • Trimble Real-time Kinematic GNSS Receivers
  • Trimble GeoXH and GeoXT Handheld Mapping Grade Receivers
  • Trimble SX12 3D scanning Total Station
  • Bathymetric/Sonar Equipment


  • Registered Professional Land Surveyors Certified in Multiple States
  • ODOT Prequalification Right of Way (ROW) Plan Development
  • E-RAILSAFE Credential

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