Specializing in wetland/stream assessments and permitting, landscape implementation, ecological restoration, NEPA compliance, and environmental site assessments, our experienced in-house team of environmental scientists are ready to assist you with field investigations, delineations, permit applications, planting design and installation, and environmental compliance for federally funded projects. Our long-standing relationships with state and federal agencies enable us to expertly and efficiently obtain waterway permits and environmental clearance for projects.

Services Areas

  • Wetlands and Streams
  • Permitting and Monitoring
  • Ecological Surveys
  • Ecological Landscaping
  • Ecological Restoration (Wetland/Stream Mitigation)
  • Endangered Species
  • NEPA Documentation
  • Public Involvement
  • Environmental Site Assessment
  • Grants and Funding

DOT Prequalification

  • Environmental Document—CE/EA/EIS
  • Environmental Document – Section 4(f)
  • Ecological Surveys
  • Waterway Permits
  • Wetland/Stream Mitigation
  • Archaeological Investigations
  • Historic/Architectural Investigations
  • Regulated Materials Reviews
  • Noise Analyses
  • Abatement Design

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