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EMH&T’s Annual Holiday Sweater Contest Raises Funds for Homeport

Ugly Sweater Contest - Columbus, Charlotte

Even COVID-19 can’t keep the holiday season down! Again this year, EMH&T’s annual Ugly Holiday Sweater and Silent Auction Contest resulted in an eclectic mix of cold weather cover-ups along with a donation to Homeport’s holiday children’s programs.

This year, EMH&T staff donated on behalf of other employees with the person receiving the most in donations declared the “winner” and given the honor of wearing a “Grinch” costume for an entire day. A socially-distanced celebration event was held yesterday with individual employees creating and wearing their own ugly sweaters for the day.

With an amazing amount of participation, Travis Eifert, EMH&T’s Urban Design Division director, won the dubious honor of wearing the Grinch costume, having the highest amount donated in his name! The second place honor went to Shaun O’Hara of EMH&T’s Planning and Landscape Architecture Division. As the runner-up, Shaun was given the honor of wearing a “Cindy Lou Who” costume to complement the Grinch!

EMH&T matched the employee donations and is proud to say this year’s event raised $5,000 for Homeport. Due to the current pandemic situation, so many non-profits are taking hits and EMH&T is proud that the company was still able to come through for our friends at Homeport.

Winners of the individual ugly sweater competition included: Mariah Anderson (Water Resources Division), Matt Scheer (Transportation Division), Jim Dziatkowicz (Planning & LA Division), Alex Nunn (Development Division), and Rhonda Loomis (Survey Division).

Thank you to everyone who participated!

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