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Blacklick Creek Sanitary Interceptor Sewer Project Enters Service

As we celebrate Public Works Week 2019, EMH&T is pleased to announce that its Blacklick Creek Sanitary Interceptor Sewer (BCSIS) project for the City of Columbus, which began its initial design phase in 2007, has reached substantial completion. The tunnel and shafts are fully installed and the shaft construction sites along its length are currently being restored. The sewer is available for flow coming from the Jefferson Water and Sewer District and the City of New Albany.


  • 4.5 miles long (23,000 linear feet)
  • 120-inch diameter tunnel
  • 4 shafts
  • 40 to 140 feet below the surface
  • $98.4 million total construction cost
  • Completed well ahead of projected schedule

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