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EMH&T Receives ODOT’s Prime Consultant of the Year Award

EMH&T is pleased to announce that the firm has been recognized with the Prime Consultant of the Year Award by the Ohio Department of Transportation at its “Annual Civil Rights Transportation Symposium,” held on April 9 and 10, 2019. EMH&T was nominated by ODOT District 7 Headquarters and Nicole Clune with Clune Consulting Services.

EMH&T’s Ed Kagel, PE, Director of Transportation, Craig Schrader, PE, Structures Lead, and Christy Pirkle, Senior Environmental Scientist, accepted the award on behalf of the firm. This annual ODOT Symposium explores the value that diversity and inclusion bring to both the industry and the state.

The Prime Consultant recognition is one of eight awards that comprise ODOT’s “Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Awards” program, which recognizes outstanding individuals and businesses that have developed a positive reputation in the industry for professionalism, integrity in work standards and performance, exhibit a commitment to business development, and uphold the spirit and principles of civil rights in transportation and diversity and inclusion.

During the two-day event, thought leaders from business, government, and academia hold discussions on issues related to contracting, business development, regulatory compliance, and the future of transportation.

EMH&T is honored to be recognized for our contributions to the industry and our commitment to diversity.

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