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EMH&T’s Chelsea Hager Helps Battle the Global Water Crisis

For EMH&T water resources engineer Chelsea Hager, water is her passion. While studying engineering at The Ohio State University, Chelsea had the opportunity to travel to Mexico, Nicaragua, and Honduras where she helped design and implement sustainable solutions for impoverished families. During these trips, Chelsea saw the global water crisis firsthand and knew she had to be a part of the solution.

“I could not stand to hear that men, women, and children are dying simply because they do not have access to clean water. At that moment, I knew why I was studying to become an engineer,” she said.

Now an integral part of the EMH&T team, Chelsea is still dedicated to using her engineering expertise and influence to impact impoverished communities by providing them with safe and reliable water. One way she is doing this is by raising $10,000 to bring clean water to a village in need through the LifePump.

A study conducted in Kenya, showed that hand pumps fail every 6 months, with an average repair time of 27 days - if they get repaired at all. On average, 36% of traditional hand pumps are reported to be non-functional, forcing families to drink contaminated water once again.

Humanitarian engineering nonprofit Design Outreach, a Columbus area organization, saw the impact this hand pump crisis has on communities desperate for clean water, and they decided to build a better pump. The LifePump is an innovative type of hand pump designed to reach deeper and last longer than standard pumps commonly available today. It is a high-quality progressive cavity hand pump designed to last years with only minimal maintenance.

“Providing a community with access to clean water keeps women, men, and children from getting sick and provides time for them to do the things they couldn’t do otherwise like going to school, attending church, starting a business, or spending time with family and friends,” Chelsea said. “It is absolutely possible to make a difference. I am so excited to bring clean water into a community that will value it so much more than we could ever imagine.”

The $10,000 Chelsea is raising will enable a village of about 300 to 400 people in Africa or Haiti – wherever the need is greatest at the time fundraising is complete – to have access to safe, reliable water through the LifePump. The funds will support the provision of a LifePump, spare parts, and maintenance training for the local community.

EMH&T also believes in Chelsea’s mission, so in support of her efforts the firm is matching the funds raised. If you are interested in supporting the cause and helping EMH&T to make a difference to those in need of clean water using safe, reliable technology, the link to Chelsea’s fundraising page is

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