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EMH&T’s Miles Hebert Presents Flood Mitigation Study Results to Mansfield City Council

Miles Hebert, EMH&T Director of Water Resources Engineering, along with Mansfield City Engineer Bob Bianchi, presented the findings from the firm’s Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan study to the Mansfield City Council last week.

The City of Mansfield has experienced widespread flooding for most of the past century, with records demonstrating previous flood hazard mitigation studies dating back to the 1920’s. Over the past decade, the City has experienced extensive flooding on nine occasions, including as part of a federally-declared disaster in 2007 and two separate occasions during the summer of 2013.

The study presents options for mitigating flooding in the Touby Run watershed, including the addition of detention basins, several bridge replacements, and the design and construction of a new complex weir dam designed to control the excess water caused by weather-related events.

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