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Novant Health Clinics Significant Wins for EMH&T Charlotte

For EMH&T Charlotte, a recent announcement from former NBA star and Charlotte Hornet’s Owner, Michael Jordan, has created a significant opportunity for the office. Jordan has committed $7 million to launch two medical clinics in troubled Charlotte communities and EMH&T is proud to be providing professional engineering services for these projects.

EMH&T’s reputation for outstanding customer service, combined with an extensive healthcare portfolio engendered confidence in the Novant decision makers to bring EMH&T on the team. In addition to the survey and due diligence for clinic sites, the projects mean something more to Charlotte’s EMH&T staff. “These projects also allow the office to be involved with something important for the local community,” said EMH&T General Manager Greg Hartley. “That’s part of what civil engineering is all about. We are honored to be involved.”

Jordan’s gift will provide the bulk of the funding for Novant Health Michael Jordan Family Clinics to be built in north and northwest Charlotte, home to some of the city’s densest concentrations of poverty and greatest areas of need for medical assistance. The clinics are projected to serve this need late in 2019 and will offer family physicians and pediatricians, as well as behavioral health, physical therapy, social work, oral health, and family-planning services.

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