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EMH&T Environmental Group Aiding ODOT with Project Monitoring

EMH&T is excited to be involved with a new ODOT initiative designed to ensure projects are meeting Environmental Commitments (ECs). EMH&T was recently awarded a two-year contract with ODOT to lead its environmental commitment initiative on a statewide basis. Tracking and implementing ECs is essential for compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and ODOT’s project delivery process.

EMH&T’s role in this work includes generating the Environmental Commitment Monitoring Plan, which requires concisely synthesizing all the commitments that came out of the project development process – including a review of the plan set, environmental clearance (NEPA) document, waterway permits, stormwater permits, and various other planning and engineering documents. EMH&T is then responsible for executing the plan, which includes monitoring and documenting compliance with each of the commitments that are specified in it.

The firm is currently managing this new program for ODOT on the construction of the ODOT “Mega Fix” project along the north central section of the Columbus I-270 outer belt. The project is reconfiguring Interstate 270 between the State Route 315 and U.S. Route 23 ramps to alleviate merging traffic which causes significant daily backups for motorists.

Another recent addition to EMH&Ts ODOT prequalification list is Noise Analysis and Abatement Design. Noise analyses must be conducted for ODOT projects where predicted noise levels due to proposed modifications will impact areas surrounding a project location.

These prequalifications bring EMH&T’s list up to 27 categories for ODOT, along with the Indianapolis office’s 12 categories for INDOT and the Charlotte office’s 10 categories for NCDOT.

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