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Christy Pirkle Presents at Ohio Stormwater Management and Drainage Conference

EMH&T’s Christy Pirkle, MS, Senior Environmental Scientist, presented at today’s Ohio Stormwater Management and Drainage Conference. Sponsored annually by the County Engineers Association of Ohio, the conference provides professionals focused on stormwater and drainage with the latest developments and best practices in the field.

Christy’s presentation, “Managing for Myotis and Mussels: The Impact of Protected Bat and Mussel Species on Project Planning,” provided an overview of important planning considerations for county engineers related to these protected species, particularly as it relates to implementing their projects. State and Federal laws protect many declining species, including the Indiana bat, the northern long-eared bat and protected mussels. Because the requirements associated with regulations on these species have the potential to impact project planning and successful project delivery, it is important that anyone planning a project in an area with the potential of having these protected species take the proper steps in order to comply with applicable state and federal laws.

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