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ODOT Construction Season Begins

They’re back! With the arrival of spring and warmer weather also comes the return of the orange barrels on highways and roads across the state. For the 2016 construction season, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) will invest $2.1 billion in the state’s transportation network, through both new construction as well as maintenance and upgrades projects.

ODOT will deliver over 1,100 projects across the state in 2016. These projects will focus on improvements to existing bridges and roadways as well as adding capacity to the system where it is most needed. Approximately 10 percent of this year’s overall construction budget will be dedicated to expanding roads to ease current congestion levels.

EMH&T is proud to partner with ODOT to design transportation projects all across the state that help keep Ohio moving. As the new construction season begins, some of the projects EMH&T has championed through the design process will start to come to fruition including the multi-year, $20M improvements to the I-70/US40/SR331 interchange in Belmont County that are now underway. The end goal of this project is to improve the operation, safety, accessibility, and connectivity to support and further spur economic growth in the area.

EMH&T has also spent the last two years working with ODOT on a range of Highway Safety Program projects across the state. The HSP projects can include roadway and traffic signal design, interchange modifications, preliminary engineering studies, as well as resurfacing, bridge repair and other highway improvements. As part of this program, interchange improvements designed by EMH&T are now underway in Cuyahoga County at two locations; SR 82 and I-71 and I-271 and Brainard Road. Both safety improvement projects are expected to be completed this year.

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