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EMH&T University Contributes to Company’s Technical Expertise

EMH&T places a strong focus on developing the kind of workplace that fosters empowerment, creativity, and professionalism. One means to that end is EMH&T University. These immersion development programs are internally developed by the leadership of each of the company’s service areas in conjunction with Human Resources. Topics covered include general information about the company’s inter-disciplinary services as well as service area focused “deep-dive” programs. The first program type is designed to make employees aware of the company’s extensive capabilities while the in-depth courses are designed to help selected employees become better positioned for future leadership roles within the company.

This second program, known as the Emerging Project Managers Program, helps EMH&T’s future leaders to become more fully rounded professionals over the course of their career journey. EMH&T’s traffic engineering group recently presented as part of this program. Jason Smallwood, Senior Traffic Engineer, addressed the group on topics ranging from traffic control and maintenance of traffic to highway lighting and traffic signals. This type of programming contributes to EMH&T’s focus on technical expertise and allows employees to collaborate with and learn from some of the most talented professionals in the industry. It also ensures our clients have an unmatched continuity of service and leadership with long term succession planning.

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