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Australia Seeks Solution to Major Problem: How to Accurately Measure a Moving Continent!

Precision and accuracy are of paramount importance when it comes to the science and art of surveying. At EMH&T, our professional surveyors and survey crews use state-of-the-art technology and equipment, including Windows Mobile data collectors, conventional, servo and robotic instruments, and geodetic GPS receivers (including real-time Kinematic surveying). All this technology helps our staff provide survey results with a high level of accuracy.

But what do you do if the very ground you are measuring doesn’t want to stay put?  According to a recent post on Atlas Obscura, the definitive guide to the world's wondrous and curious places, the nation (and continent) of Australia is working to find an answer to that perplexing problem.

It seems all the coordinates on the world’s smallest continent are just under five feet off from where they should be and it is becoming an increasingly difficult issue for users of GPS navigation! The Australian government has recently launched a project to fix this problem, which will only get worse as the continent continues moving at its glacial pace (about 70 millimeters each year) toward the northeast. Key to the project is connecting the continent’s various reference points to their movement over time, thus creating more continuously up-to-date datum.

Maybe they should call on EMH&T’s ultra-accurate surveying team to help them solve this problem!

Check out this interesting story here:

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