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EMH&T Celebrates Earth Day 2016

This year’s Earth Day theme is “Trees for the Earth.” Trees are amazing. They absorb excess CO2 as well as pollutant gases and they filter the air by trapping particulates in their leaves and bark. And they benefit communities large and small all across the globe by contributing to long-term economic and environmental sustainability.

As a leader in the Green movement, we are proud of our consistent efforts to make the earth a greener place through our ongoing company-wide recycling programs, our reduction in paper use through software, and the sustainable design and various green components of our corporate headquarters, including an operating constructed wetlands designed into the site to improve water quality through natural processes.

And with over 100 green infrastructure design projects across multiple states, our comprehensive NEXTGENERATIONGREEN project design approach uses the tenants of green development standards to bridge the gap between function and conservation.

So join us in celebrating Earth Day 2016. Get your party on and go plant a tree!

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