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Cannon Drive Relocation

The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

The improved Cannon Drive corridor on the Medical Campus of The Ohio State University provides enhanced connectivity between the campus and the Olentangy River by creating a restored greenway along the river, while also providing a more efficient transportation route to improve traffic flow and accessibility through critical areas of the University campus. The EMH&T Visualization team played a key role within the larger EMH&T-led project team, assisting with the preliminary design and visualization of several roadway and river levee alignment options as well as preliminary grading. The quickness and increased level of accuracy allowed the design team to provide the best design possible that considers construction costs, safety, connectivity, construction sequencing and more. With the 3D model being designed to accurate grades and with actual road design criteria, the engineering design team was able to develop plans based on the model as a starting point while also providing real time images and fly through videos of the design as it progressed.

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