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Wellfield Development and Source Water Assessment and Protection (SWAP) Plan

Canal Winchester, OH

This project involved the design and development of a replacement wellfield in a buried valley aquifer for the Village of Canal Winchester as well as the preparation of a SWAP plan for the new wellfield. The hydrogeological regime was modeled by means of MODFLOW and time-of-travel determinations that are utilized to delineate protection zones were then ascertained with MODPATH. The project included the design of the wellfield, including future options for expansion to meet future capacity needs, the delineation of the protection zones, an inventory of potential contaminant sources, and a susceptibility assessment of a new wellfield. This wellfield has been recently developed with an installed capacity of 2 MGD by the Village of Canal Winchester to replace an old wellfield that was under capacity and incapable of being expanded due to wellfield protection concerns. The new wellfield has a potential to be expanded to a capacity of 4 MGD.

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