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Tipp City Water Master Plan

Tipp City, OH

EMH&T was hired to prepare a water distribution system master plan and a water distribution model update to support the community master plan for Tipp City, Ohio. The overall purpose of the water master plan was multi-faceted, as EMH&T identified existing undersized water lines, looping or redundancies within the system, and future system improvements that were required due to planned City expansion. Our engineers worked to correlate any required water system improvements with the City’s planned roadway improvements to allow Tipp City to prepare their Capital Improvement Plans (CIP). As part of the master plan, our team prepared a specific list of water system CIPs with cost information over the next ten years for the City’s use. Our services also included the ability to cover the exploration and identification to adjust the boundaries of the high and low pressure districts since a new water tower had been recently constructed.

After performing the master plan, EMH&T was hired to provide a model update which included verification of the pipe network including the addition of newly constructed mains. The model was calibrated utilizing current field data to ensure accuracy and the new model was used to evaluate the water system performance with the addition of several new large-use industries expected to develop over the next couple of years.

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