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Potable Water System Analysis Update and Main Street Water Main for the City of Bexley

Bexley, OH

EMH&T developed a full-system WaterCad® based computer model of the City of Bexley, Ohio.  The project involved locating the existing pipe networks and incorporating new potable water system improvements with existing facilities and verification of various hydraulic elements. The computerized model was calibrated using meter data as well as fire flow data from points within the system. The information developed in this project was utilized to determine possible improvements to the existing system.  The City was able to gain an understanding of the “weak” points of the water infrastructure and begin planning efforts to mitigate the problem areas.  The focus of this project identified multiple system upgrades for Bexley including transmission main reinforcement (Main Street 16-Inch Water Main), and system looping improvements for both water quality and fire flow purposes.  

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