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City of Troy Extra High Service Zone 0.75MG Elevated Tank

Troy, OH

EMH&T is providing turn-key services from preliminary design through construction administration for the City of Troy for a new 0.75 MG elevated water storage tank. During the City’s last water planning update, it was identified that their Extra High Service zone needed 0.75 MG of in-system storage, however the master plan provided no further details. EMH&T was engaged to begin the site selection and refine the specific components of the project through a comprehensive Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) that examined site selection considering cost, function, and social impact.
Other project characteristics reviewed in the PER included tank style, coating systems, and tank accessory options (i.e. mixing system, SCADA controls.)  Life cycle costs were evaluated for all components in order to allow for long-term operation and maintenance considerations of various components. The recommendations of the PER served as the basis for the detailed design effort, and other efforts completed during design included a full geotechnical investigation to characterize the foundation, and coordination with the FAA relative to potential impact to navigable airspace. The detailed design included site layout, yard piping, a new drive, and site grading. Tank features included a fully compatible SCADA system, interior floor plans, interior elevations, and detailed specifications were developed to govern the work utilizing the latest American Water Works Association (AWWA) requirements.

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