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City of Trenton Water Audit

Trenton, OH

EMH&T and members of the City of Trenton Public Service and Finance Departments developed a top to bottom water audit for the City. The City desired to take a proactive approach to water loss. One of the main concerns expressed by Trenton staff was that water leakage detection can be very difficult to locate due to the soil structure of the region. It was expressed that water escapes through the ground as appose to surfacing, making visual leakage detection challenging. To complete the audit, the procedures outlined in the AWWA M36 Water Audits and Loss Control Programs were followed. Information regarding all aspects of the water system from treatment/production, to distribution, to metering/billing was analyzed. A water balance was completed and recommendations as to where the City should focus its efforts to “capture” lost water were made. Many of the initial recommendations included low cost asset management and procedural tasks that could be completed by City staff. These included such items as monitoring the automatic meter reading (AMR) and billing cycle, verifying meter accuracy, and preparing step by step procedures for billing, hydrant permitting, testing and flushing. The City staff is currently completing some of these initial low cost items to monitor the system in efforts to reduce water loss. 

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