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City of Columbus Water Master Plan
(Drought Management Plan)

Columbus, OH

For development of the Columbus’ Drought Management Plan (DMP), EMH&T worked directly with the Division of Power and Water (DOPW) on a consulting team to develop a 30-year water supply master plan and a 15-year water distribution master plan. The DMP was required as part of the master planning efforts to identify the City’s ability to maintain water service through an extreme drought condition, and to have a documented procedure in place for Columbus’ Emergency Response Plan. The planning team developed operational procedures that effectively optimized demand and supply management processes to sustain an adequate volume of water supply through critical drought conditions.

The team’s approach allowed the design team to modify the operational conditions to determine the best management practices for Columbus, and EMH&T summarized the findings in a report with “pull-out” pages to provide the DOPW for inclusion in the City’s Emergency Response Plan. And, the plan was distributed to the personnel responsible for operation and monitoring of the reservoir systems.

City of Columbus Water Master Plan (Drought Management Plan)

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