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Capital Improvements Program (CIP) for the City of Reynoldsburg

Reynoldsburg, OH

Since 2012, EMH&T has supported the City of Reynoldsburg’s efforts to update its Capital Improvement Program.  This included coordinating with the various Department leaders to confirm and update projects, provide cost estimates, and development of an implementation schedule to correlate with funding sources. EMH&T continues, to this day, to serve the City in several capacities including providing water and wastewater engineering on CIP projects (on call services), providing consulting services as city engineer, and providing plan review services.
EMH&T has provided the CIP planning, design and construction phase services for the following projects since 2012:
• Brice Road Corridor Improvements
• Livingston Avenue Roadway Improvements
• Annual Water Main Replacement Program
• Annual Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Program
• East Main Street Intersection and Parking Lot Improvements
• Annual Street Maintenance Program
• East Broad Street Water Storage Tank Upgrades
• Water System Hydraulic Model

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