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Bridge Street Corridor Water & Sewer Capacity Study

Dublin, OH

The City of Dublin undertook a proactive approach to address a portion of the City where development had stagnated and over time had lost any defining characteristics. The City's approach was to look at the area, comprised of approximately 1,200 acres named The Bridge Street Corridor from a holistic viewpoint. Working with planners, the City developed the Vision Plan which reflected a total redevelopment of the corridor with an emphasis on an urban, mixed-use, walkable environment, as opposed to the suburban model which had been prevalent in the area.

Early on, the City identified the denser redevelopment may tax the limits of the existing sewer and water infrastructure. EMH&T was hired to perform a capacity analysis on the sewers and waterlines within the Bridge Street Corridor to determine if they could provide the desired level of service for the denser redevelopment. Planning data such as future land use volumes were utilized to project future sanitary flows. Existing flows were determined utilizing flow metering data obtained through the City's ongoing flow metering efforts. The results of the study, while identifying several problem areas outside of the Corridor showed the existing infrastructure indeed had the required capacity. Furthermore, the study effort showed the value of the City's flow metering and sewer rehabilitation efforts.

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