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Beech Road 2MG Elevated Water Storage Tank

New Albany, OH

EMH&T provided design services for a new 2MG elevated tank. This effort began with a hydraulic analysis of the New Albany Pressure District (a pressure district within the City of Columbus water distribution system) to determine if a tank would help mitigate significant pressure fluctuations. The results of the analysis showed that a tank would indeed mitigate some of the current problems, and also provide an emergency store of water.  The study also evaluated the optimum size for the tank weighing operational challenges associated with a larger tank, versus construction economies realized by building a larger tank. EMH&T provided complete design services for the new tank which included new site development, interior space planning, electrical and controls, interior piping, mixing system, and costing systems.  The completed design allowed for the tank to be constructed either as a steel-fluted column or composite style.  Ultimately, the bids for a composite style tank were significantly lower and as such was the constructed option.


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