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West Farmington Decentralized Wastewater Collection & Treatment Funding

West Farmington, OH

West Farmington has pursued project funding for a wastewater system for many years. In previous attempts, funding agencies were unable to commit sufficient grant dollars to yield an affordable project. In 2010, the Village hired EMH&T to investigate alternatives that were economically appropriate for such a community, and that would be simple to operate and sustainable. EMH&T investigated all options available and prepared a financial, technical and environmental summary of each option in a PER that met all the requirements of Rural Development. Rural Development quickly approved the EMH&T-prepared PER and moved the project forward for funding with $1.84 million of grant funds and $1.2 million of loan. Rural Development was so pleased with the financial analysis in the PER that they posted it on their website as a model for other consultants to follow.

West Farmington Decentralized Wastewater Collection & Treatment Conceptual Planning and Funding

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