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West Farmington Decentralized Wastewater Collection & Treatment Conceptual Planning

West Farmington, OH

EMH&T worked with the Village of West Farmington to develop a wastewater utility that will eliminate unsanitary conditions in this Village of approximately 210 homes. Rural Development quickly approved our PER that investigated regional connections, decentralized options, and a variety of centralized treatment techniques. EMH&T walked the Village with the Ohio EPA, Mayor, and residents to determine the most efficient collection line layouts and approximate depths. We utilized existing aerial photography to prepare design exhibits for every option studied at very little cost to the Village. After EMH&T held a meeting to present the options and reach a preliminary consensus with RCAP, USDA Rural Development and the Village’s Steering Committee, the Village voted to move forward with a decentralized approach. The PER was used as a tool by EMH&T, RCAP, USDA and the County Development Agency to secure funding for this $3.8M project.

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