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Wastewater Improvements

Coolville, OH

Coolville was an unsewered Village of approximately 220 homes in rural Athens County. EMH&T worked with the Village of Coolville and the Ohio EPA to develop a clustered decentralized wastewater system similar to a pilot project developed in the nearby Village of Amesville. Coolville followed the Amesville experimental project very closely, and became interested in the savings opportunities presented by a decentralized project. EMH&T designed a collection system and secured funding for Coolville, which split the Village into four “districts” that followed existing topography and drainage patterns. These districts were prioritized according to the severity of the problems encountered within each. Clustered collection and treatment systems were laid out for each of the four areas. Septic tanks and recirculating filters were used to treat sewage before it was discharged to the small creeks running throughout the Village. EMH&T prepared a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) that investigated regional, centralized, and decentralized options that was quickly reviewed and approved by the USDA in Columbus and Marietta. EMH&T collaborated with the non-profit organization, Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP) to use the PER as a tool to secure approximately $5.0 million of funding from the Ohio EPA’s Division of Environmental and Financial Assistance. Construction was completed in 2015.

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