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Service Request Centers

Multiple Communities

EMH&T has designed and implemented online service request centers (SRCs) that can help communities manage all types of requests from both staff and members of the public. These SRCs handle incidents, complaints, and requests that affect the safety and quality of life for constituents. The system is capable of receiving service request information, tracking a request from initiation through completion, producing work orders, and providing reporting of all requests. It also manages the many other pieces of information that relate such as photos and correspondence. The SRCs have brought our client communities several important benefits: improves access for public and staff through the ease of logging-on to a web-based system available around the clock; finds answers to routine questions through a Frequently Asked 
Questions (FAQ) area, potentially reducing service requests; drives operations to resolution using active reminders within your email in-box; measures performance/provides accountability through real-time reporting; and integrates valuable data sources by mapping requests with GIS.

Service Request Centers

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