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RiverSouth Phase II

Columbus, OH

In conjunction with the RiverSouth District’s land use conversion, was the subsurface efforts to improve the sanitary and stormwater collection systems servicing the urban area. The RiverSouth District sewers were characterized as generally combined sewers with partial separation (separate sanitary sewers) to support more recent improvements. EMH&T prepared a Preliminary Engineering Report (PRE) that identified a master plan for the sanitary, storm, and combined sewer system within the redevelopment areas. As there were numerous public and private projects within this area, this master plan served as a blue print for all projects with respect to the ultimate operation of the sewer systems. 

This planning effort took into account scheduling issues and included the elimination of a CSO outfall in conjunction with a planned bridge reconstruction project (which was to eliminate the regulator structure and outfall pipe), coordination with a private residential improvement and support separate sanitary service for the sites, the redirection of storm flows to allow for the simplifying of the sewer network, the rehabilitation of sewers to support new development, and the consideration for inflow redirection to coincide with the street reconstruction and associated storm sewer improvements.

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