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Plum Ridge Sewer System Remediation I/I Study

Columbus, OH

This project was undertaken to investigate the locations and magnitudes of inflow and infiltration in the Plum Ridge Priority Area. Stantec and EMH&T conducted a detailed study of the sanitary collection system to identify locations of sewerage overflows out of manholes, sanitary reliefs, sewerage system surcharging, sewerage back-up into basements (water-in-basement-WIBs), and identify the causes of these occurrences. Stantec and EMH&T have successfully performed cleaning and CCTV inspection of approximately 31,000 lineal feet of sanitary sewer within the project area. Stantec has installed the project flow monitors and conducted periodic site visits for maintenance and download and conducted a maintenance and service request investigation. Additionally, Stantec coordinated with the public and performed over 100 private source I/I investigations. The project will provide valuable data on the sources of I/I in the Plum Ridge Priority Area. The project team has developed and calibrated a hydraulic model based on data obtained for the sanitary sewer system. Once sufficient data has been compiled and modeling efforts are complete, I/I and SSO mitigation alternatives will be developed and evaluated. This robust analysis effort will identify cost effective solutions that will achieve full compliance with the Wet Weather Management Plan approved level of service.

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