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North Fork Indian Run & WIB Investigation

Dublin, OH

EMH&T was hired by a private developer for a proposed change in the land use of a site that had operated as a golf course to residential housing units. Sanitary wastewater from the new housing units would discharge into the 24-inch North Fork Indian Run (NFIR) sub-trunk sewer. Due to changes in land use, EMH&T developed for the client a hydraulic model to examine the performance of the trunk for build-out conditions, and to identify capacity deficiencies to convey collected wastewater at current and build-out conditions for a predefined Level-of-Service.
Four technologies were considered to alleviate the identified capacity deficiency for the NFIR:
1) Replace and up-size
2) Augmentation relief sewer
3) Storage
4) Source control
Cost analysis and constructability of the proposed alternatives were considered for the final recommendations. Augmentation relief sewer was the most feasible alternative where the relief sewer would be installed one (1) foot on top of the existing sewer to be activated only during wet weather flow. The services provided for the project will ultimately reduce maintenance cost and efforts for the City of Dublin.

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