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New Albany/Blacklick Sanitary Sewer Conceptual Planning

Columbus, OH

EMH&T is leading a team of in-house experts and subconsultants to provide the following services: tunnel, shaft and site design, evaluation and recommendation of materials and construction methods, easement design and acquisition, permit acquisition, collection and analysis of geotechnical data including the use of geophysical methods, collection of existing utility data, coordination with utility owners, topographical survey, and cost estimation for the Blacklick Creek Sanitary Interceptor Sewer, Part 6C, Phase 2. The interceptor sewer consists of approximately 4.5 miles (approximately 23,000 linear feet) of 72-inch internal diameter tunnel which will extend the existing Blacklick Interceptor from Blacklick Creek Boulevard to Morse Road along Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road. The sewer will convey existing, or provide sanitary sewerage service for Jefferson Township and New Albany City areas, either directly or through future connections. The project will begin construction in 2016.

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