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Minford Area Regional Sanitary Sewer System Funding

Scioto County, OH

Scioto County employed EMH&T to prepare a PER for sanitary sewers and a treatment plant in this region. EMH&T led a year-long effort to develop this study. This occurred at the time of the developing ARRA funding, and the County wisely anticipated the once in a lifetime opportunity to fund this large project with one package. EMH&T and the County met regularly with personnel from Rural Development’s Hillsboro office, eventually collaborating to submit a $30 million funding package for grants and loans. The package would fund more than 50 miles of sewer construction, and a regional wastewater treatment plant. The submittal was timed to coincide exactly with large amounts of financial commitments needed to be made to quickly obligate “stimulus” dollars. Because of the size, the package went directly to the Washington D.C. office of Rural Development.
To complete the application and meet all requirements for NEPA compliance, EMH&T worked with the Ohio Office of Rural Development to prepare the environmental report. Our team explained the merits of the project and solicited support for its approval. EMH&T and the County traveled to Washington D.C. twice, meeting with then U.S. Senators Sherrod Brown and George Voinovich. Ultimately, the project was awarded $15 million of grant funding and $15 million of a loan. Due to the unusual size, this funding package has received unusual attention. EMH&T and the County have maintained regular communication with state USDA personnel throughout the development of the project, and recently completed construction of the project within the original budget. 

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