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Long Term Control Plan and CIP Planning

Hicksville, OH

EMH&T performed hydraulic and hydrologic modeling in selected neighborhoods of the village to investigate the feasibility of several infrastructure projects. We found that large separated storm sewers were underutilized and could serve as the outlet for additional separations and surface drainage improvements. EMH&T tabulated and studied flow monitoring records for 5 combined sewer overflows. By plotting the rates and volumes of the overflows against rainfall data we were able to recognize that the system was most strongly influenced by direct connections in the combined sections. We were also able to make correlations of overflow rates and volumes with various storm recurrence intervals and to characterize the temporal sequence of overflow activation. EMH&T spent extensive time reviewing field conditions and flooding patterns with personnel from the utility department. The information gathered from this time was invaluable in determining the nature and extent of the overflows, as well as the sources and causes of the various locations of urban flooding. EMH&T worked very closely with village staff to develop a 20-year program of capital improvements with an “integrated approach” that would efficiently eliminate large sources of inflow, reduce overflows and urban flooding. We prepared a schedule of the improvements, a budget and funding plan. EMH&T prepared an addendum to the Village’s Long Term Control Plan and worked very closely with the Ohio EPA to achieve its approval.

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