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Jerome Village Regional Pump Station

Marysville, OH

Jerome Village Regional Pump Station was designed to convey all sanitary flows from a proposed 1,450 acre mixed-use community to the City of Marysville Water Reclamation Facility, located nearly seven miles to the northwest. This wet-well, dry-well facility with an indoor backup power generator was designed to accommodate both the lower flows at the initial stages of development, as well as the peak flows generated during fully developed conditions. Several unique design considerations were made to ensure that this single facility could adequately convey both the lower initial and higher ultimate sanitary flows. The structure was designed for the ultimate capacity, but the wet well was divided to allow smaller sections and reduced storage during periods of lower flow. Designed to pump through dual force mains with 14-inch and 24-inch diameters, this gives the City the option of using either, or both of the force mains depending on the influent flow. The pumps are controlled with variable frequency drives, which allow the motors to adjust speeds to match the incoming flow and thus reduce the amount of storage required in the wet-well. All of the phase 1 equipment and support structures were designed to easily be replaced and upsized in the future as the development of Jerome Village progresses.

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