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Greenlawn Sanitary Pump Station

Columbus, OH

The Greenlawn Avenue Sanitary Relief Pump Station was designed to convey sanitary flows from the 18-in Greenlawn Avenue Sanitary Sewer to the Olentangy Scioto Interceptor Sewer (OSIS) during periods when the hydraulic grade line in the OSIS is elevated.  The structure iincludes an overflow weir and automated sluice gate to allow flow to pass through the structure by gravity during dry weather.  During wet-weather, the sluice gate shuts, which activates the pump station and allows the Greenlawn Avenue sewer to remain operational despite the fact that the gravity outlet to the OSIS is submerged. Portions of this pump station are located on either City fire department or City park property.. Throughout design, EMH&T worked hand-in-hand with the City’s Engineering Manager, Fire Station  Manager, and Park Manager on many of the site work components such as site improvement plans, tree removal, tree replacement and landscape architecture plans, scheduling of work during construction to avoid conflicts with park and fire station activities.

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