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Fairborn North and South Sanitary Interceptor Rehabilitation

Fairborn, OH

The City of Fairborn owns and maintains two large diameter sanitary interceptor sewers that cross the Wright Patterson Air Force Base to deliver sanitary flows to the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant situated west of the Base near Mad River. The sewers were collectively taking on nearly 1 million gallons of water per day through infiltration of ground water and inflow of surface runoff, putting strain on the City’s treatment facility. EMH&T was employed by the City to design a rehabilitation project that would use trenchless cured in place pipe (CIPP) technologies to line the existing sewers with a bare minimum amount of excavation. The project also involved rehabilitation to the existing manholes to reduce the infiltration and inflow entering the system. This required rehabilitating a total of 15,195 linear feet of sanitary sewers ranging in size from 15 to 36-inches, and rehabilitating 86 manholes. EMH&T managed the bidding and construction phases of the project. 

EMH&T coordinated with the Air Force personnel, the City of Fairborn, and the Contractor to ensure that all the relevant Air Force requirements and standards were followed. Coordination with multiple Air Force offices was required to obtain relevant permits, operational training, and security clearance for access to the site. Careful scheduling and coordination was required between multiple entities successfully to ensure that the project would have no impact on the flight operations of the base. 

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