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Capacity, Maintenance, Operation, And Management (CMOM)/Director’s Final Findings and Orders (DFFO) Planning

Multiple Communities

EMH&T has been retained by 13 Columbus satellite communities to provide support to complete specific tasks in conjunction with the Ohio EPA Director’s Final Findings and Orders. Our history in working with the cities, familiarity with the City of Columbus and their Wet Weather Management Plan, and our involvement in the negotiations of the language within the Orders provided the client with invaluable insight allowing them to streamline their investment. EMH&T provided the cities with:
• expertise in collection system management, operations, and maintenance;
• a unique blend of field and office personnel;
• in-house technologies to supplement the municipalities resources;
• familiarity with value engineering, municipal financial planning, and capital improvement/operational budget planning; 
• and, an existing relationship and insight into the Ohio EPA’s regulatory requirements and personnel

EMH&T served as a point of contact with the Ohio EPA in preparing the requisite submittals and planning instruments in order to comply with these Findings and Orders. These included:
• Sewer Overflow Emergency Response Plans and Communication Plans
• A formal Capacity, Management, Operation, and Maintenance (CMOM) Program
• Detailed Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Surveys (SSES)
• Operation, maintenance, and capacity recommendations
• Multi-year sanitary sewer Capital Improvement Plans (CIP)
• Assistance with Annual and Bi-annual reports to Ohio EPA on the status of CMOM and CIP efforts

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