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Blueprint Columbus: Clintonville, Linden, Hilltop Areas

Columbus, OH

The City of Columbus, Ohio is currently undergoing an Integrated Solutions Planning approach to refocus some of its previous Wet Weather Management Plan objectives and more aggressively pursue solutions that include public and private inflow and infiltration mitigation within the sanitary sewer system. This includes stormwater mitigation improvements using green infrastructure to specifically address conditions that contribute to overflows from the sanitary sewer system. EMH&T completed the study of several residential areas to evaluate opportunities to redirect rooftop downspouts away from structures and to the public right-of-way. This effort included CCTV investigations of the storm system and sanitary laterals to determine their physical condition and the amount of stormwater runoff getting into the sanitary sewer system. Using this information, EMH&T developed structure-by-structure plans for downspout redirection and applied creative stormwater solutions to address the Rainfall Derived Inflow and Infiltration (RDII) that is impacting the capacity of the separate sanitary sewer system.

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