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Weinland Park Public/Private Partnership

Columbus, OH

EMH&T has provided comprehensive infrastructure engineering for The Wagenbrenner Company for the redevelopment of an area in Weinland Park in Columbus, Ohio. For this major transformation of the area into single family housing, EMH&T provided the full range of engineering design including: complete reconstruction of Grant Avenue; reconstruction of 6th Street including new curb, sidewalks and street trees; multiple sanitary replacements and sanitary sewer linings; and numerous MELP/AEP relocations. EMH&T also performed a comprehensive traffic study of 5th Avenue to evaluate lane arrangements and plan for the addition of bicycle facilities. With the completion of the area, there is new and renewed infrastructure for 40 market-rate homes, as well as seven Habitat for Humanity homes. The public infrastructure for this private project was funded largely by the local government through the Urban Infrastructure Recovery Fund (UIRF).

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