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The Ohio State University Cannon Drive Relocation

Columbus, OH

With the initiation of the 2010 Sasaki Framework Plan, The Ohio State University has established a vision for the Wexner Medical Center District and more specifically the Cannon Drive corridor between King Avenue to the south and Lane Avenue to the north. This plan envisioned enhanced connectivity between the campus and the Olentangy River by creating a restored greenway along the river while also providing a more efficient transportation route to improve traffic flow and accessibility through critical areas of the University campus – significantly, the realignment of Cannon Drive and the relocation of public utilities and other OSU infrastructure, thereby creating significant opportunities for future development on 12-13 new acres of developable land within the Medical Campus. EMH&T is developing solutions to issues related to both physical limitations and established policy. The physical challenges include resolving the intersection with the State Route 315 ramp and both existing and future underground utilities that must be considered along the project corridor. The policy challenges include compliance with various design standards adopted by the City of Columbus. Additionally, EMH&T is working closely with the City of Columbus’ stormwater and floodplain management policies as they affect the Cannon Drive roadway project and surrounding improvements.

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