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The Ohio State University Arts District Master Plan

Columbus, Ohio

The Ohio State University Arts District is envisioned as a unique place that promotes artistic excellence and cultural exposure for the campus community, the greater Columbus region, and international visitors. The District will serve as an important “front door” providing engaging public spaces with enriching cultural programming. This programming will advance the academic mission of the university, physically integrate the arts into a revitalized presence on High street, and provide a destination location for university students, faculty, and staff as well as both national and international visitors.

Working under contract to Westlake Reed Leskosky Architects, EMH&T is part of a larger team that includes national firms such as Robert AM Stern and Olin Landscape Architects leading the assessment of existing structures within project boundaries, including review and validation of prior reports. We also defined constraints and opportunities necessary to validate design concepts for the District, including major utility routing, zoning, or specific planning requirements particular to the site and coordinated guidelines for M/E/P/S/IT planning for any proposed structures, including development of assessment narratives.

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