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The Ohio State University 17th Avenue Planning and Design

Columbus, OH

EMH&T led the comprehensive 17th Avenue Rebuild project providing the necessary coordination to minimize disruption, provide state-of-the-art infrastructure, accommodated the range of campus visitors (students, faculty/administration, services/deliveries and visitors) while establishing a contemporary, sustainable solution that reflects the overall goal for redevelopment of the Academic Core North. In addition to replacement of infrastructure, EMH&T designed new heavy duty street pavement, sidewalks, ADA compliance at all crossings and improved streetscapes. Below-grade infrastructure improvements include: tunnel/trench upgrade serving as a utility corridor to withstand severe temperature fluctuations and replacement of ductile iron pipe waterline, stormwater, sewer, and major utility duct bank work. Because of the primary traffic disruption along 17th Avenue, renovation took place in a phased manner with EMH&T providing on-going Maintenance of Traffic (coordinating with OSU Transportation and Parking) for vehicles and pedestrians.

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