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RiverSouth Rehabilitation Project

Columbus, OH

EMH&T designed the reconstruction of an integral section of an urban core district of Columbus, a key component of several City initiatives to revitalize the downtown. Overarching the project was a massive design/construction phasing effort managed by EMH&T to maximized the efficiencies of multiple concurrent projects. Specific to RiverSouth, EMH&T designed full rehabilitation of several streets, including changes to lanes and capacity, and paving materials and the inclusion of brick pavers for visual turning cues. Unique to this project was the use of sustainable design features to create bioretention basins in the heart of downtown Columbus. EMH&T designed upgrades to waterlines; sanitary storm sewers and traffic interconnect conduits which extend north to Broad Street. Other amenities include streetscaping, granite curb, brick walk accents, and street lighting. The result of these upgrades provides uniqueness to Front Street and a connection to the Scioto Mile Park. Our designs further allow for the increase in pedestrian traffic due to development of office and condominium space nearby and accommodate this change with brick crosswalks incorporated at intersections with upgraded ADA compliance.

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