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BGSU Harshman Quadrangle Demolition

Bowling Green, Ohio

At more than 50 years old, Harshman Quadrangle residence was an aging facility that had outlived its useful life, and no longer provided the type of on-campus student housing experience desired by 21st century college students. The University made the difficult decision to demolish the building to make room for additional parking and green space with an eye toward possible future site re-use.

EMH&T led the engineering team providing professional services for the demolition of the building and design of the vacated site. EMH&T provided professional civil engineering, landscape architecture, traffic planning, MOT, stormwater engineering, and ADA compliance services. EMH&T conducted an in-depth review and survey of existing utilities to determine which should be modified and left active, and/or disconnected, removed, and capped, as required. EMH&T designed both surface drainage and re-use of some existing storm sewers for the vacated site. EMH&T provided design alternate renderings using InfraWorks to help the university visualize the completed project.

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