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Arena District Public/Private Partnership

Columbus, OH

Fundamentally, a public private partnership is born of each sector’s goals for a project achieving the same outcome. Because the outcome is mutually beneficial, efforts to achieve the outcome include funding mechanisms to support the public infrastructure that supports a private development. A marquee example is the Arena District in Columbus, Ohio. This 22-acre multi-use development adjacent to downtown included massive infrastructure renewals to support a new sports arena, baseball field, office, retail, and residential space. EMH&T provided civil engineering design and surveying for public infrastructure and completed fast track design of roadways, including coordination with landscape architecture designs, for the entire roadway network within the District. The street design included intensive use of urban landscaping, architectural sign and signal supports, granite curbs, and brick paving and sidewalks. Our engineers designed 10 traffic signal designs tying the signals to the City’s existing central computer controlled signal system. EMH&T received the Outstanding Achievement Award given by the Consulting Engineers Council of Ohio for work on the Arena District improvements that were completed in coordination with the City of Columbus, under contract to Nationwide Realty Investors.

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